Wide Arsed Mole # 3 - Honking My Own Horn

Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Wide Arsed Mole # 3 - Honking My Own Horn Creator(s): Kirrily Schell
Publishers: Self Published
From: Australia

There are lots of grotesque and distorted characters in this collection, most of them speak to us on behalf of Kirrily. They tell us how she is feeling, what she thinks about love, life and a few other things that take her fancy. The majority of the work presented here comes from the mini mini comics she produced in 1991. These monologues are supplemented by more recent pieces that feature the a similar cast of the bizarre; Flummux the stick figure cat. Morris and her mother-god-furball (Morris licked the furniture due to a little misunderstanding.) have a chat about declarations of love.

Kirrily has a thing for stinky cheese, it keeps appearing in the strips and it takes pride of place in her list of things that turn her crank. Here stories are all drawn in a rough, expressionist style that suggests Goth without drowning you in eyelinner and fake blood. While it is messy and the self depreciating tone is a worry, Kirrily infuses it all with a grand dose of %100 real human personality.

In a Word: Murky.

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