Posted: Tuesday, May 2, 2000
By: Darren

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Issue #13 of Sunburn has escaped captivity, and has been spotted lurking in local bookstores (around Winnipeg, Canada). Featuring a healthy sampling of underground comic chaos from Winnipeg [Canada] and beyond, with 36 pages crammed with comics and mayhem. Mind numbing cover art was supplied by Greg Oakes, having pulled it kicking and screaming from the depths of his imagination. Within lurks the visual mayhem from many of the regulars who are back for more: Brad Yung, Cat Sullivan, Glenn Smith, Mark Saunders, Robert Pasternak, Zlatko Krstevski, Mary Knott & Beppi and Robert Halstead. There are also some newer faces joining in this time: Billy Mavreas with his cosmic visions, Peter Conrad with his poignant slices of life, Owen Plummer & Terry Hahn of the Rubber Popsicle Factory and Dwain Sigvaldson with his hard rockin' gang. The letters page is back again, so if you've got any comments you'd like to share, feel free to send them along! As always, extra copies of issue #13 (or back issues) are available from Karl Thomsen

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