Wilnot #5

Posted: Tuesday, May 16, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Wilnot #5 Creator(s): Mandy Ord
Publishers: Stickycomics - Self Published

The events that Ord portrayed in the main story in this comic p#$$ed me off. Ord had this job as a bar person in a pub and had to put up with her two drunken and obnoxious bosses treating her like a slave and forcing her to leave her job cause she was having a friendly chat with one of the customers on a quiet night. What a couple of pSTOP-@-SPAM#$ks. They didn't have the guts to fire her, oh no, they just gave her one rubbish shift per week. I hate jerks like that!
Ord's stories are mostly illustrated monologues with her talking to us, showing what is going on with her dreams, her jobs, and her fascinating with the Women's Weekly magazine. The events portrayed range from funny to infuriating but are always interesting. She works in a rough and gruesome art style that functions quite well to get the events across. If she doesn't like someone they come off looking like a David Cronenberg hallucination that melted in the sun.

In a Word: Chatty.

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