Secret Killers #1 to #4, Exit From Shadows #1

Posted: Tuesday, May 16, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Secret Killers #1 to #4, Exit From Shadows #1 Writer(s): Dan Braun
Artist(s): Jerry Williams (#1 - #3) Mike and Travis Walton (#4), Jim Thorpe (Exit...), Jeff Gan (Covers)
Publishers: Bronzeman Comics
From: USA

There is this bunch of secret agents that travel around the world uncovering secrets. This comic follows Rah, one of these agents on his Indiana Jones style journeys to Africa, Hawaii and other exotic locations. The problem I had with the series is that it relies too much on exposition to move the narrative along with dialogue and inner monologues, but it never actually explains what is going on. Characters don't interrelate at all, they just exposit at each other or to their journals.
Rah keeps meeting up with villains that might as well be cardboard cutouts with guns taped on to the appropriate limbs. Rah has lost his memories so gets to be depressed about this quite a lot and emote.
The artists are all very capable, adding some nice touches along the way but none of them seemed to have much luck with drawing faces: Williams couldn't keep the characters consistent, The Waltons give everyone very distorted features While Jim Thorpe could draw a very good face, but unfortunately gave the same well drawn face to all of the characters.
The series as a whole has some interesting ideas with some intriguing character designs for the villains, and Secret Killers has nice colour covers, but the heroes don't have any personality that I could find, making it hard to care about what is going on here.

In a Word: Stilted.

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