Posted: Tuesday, June 6, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Beetlebunnyratroad Creator(s): Grant Buist
Publishers: Ratfink Productions
From: New Zealand

An eye catching cover doesn't always mean that the contents will keep your attention. Be warned readers, some unscrupulous comic creators think that a flashy paint job will trick you into trading your hard won currency for their round the clock clichés and bald scribblings. Perhaps this is what Grant is up to with this collection of strips from the well loved student cartoon Brunswick?
This is a road comic: Alex the female university student found a lump in her breast. The test results won't be back for a week and she cannot face sitting around the flat waiting, so she hops in her VW and hits the road. Her friend Brunswick the Rat joins her and on the way out of town Fitz the bunny and Mapplethrope the little dragon hitch a lift.
I'm pleased to report readers that an intensive test drive of this book makes me conclude that Grant is not trying to rip us off. No, he works hard to give us things such as plot, humour, social commentary and motorbike stunts.
The fondles handles the breast cancer theme with a light touch, using it to drive the plot but never stalling it. The tour of New Zealand has all the nice scenery and lots of anarchic goings on. Alex has some quite touching encounters with her father and a few old boyfriends.
Grant's drawing has the benefit of 8 years of work with the characters so it all looks very professional thank you very much without being stuck in the mud. So readers, drive, drive like the boxracing pixies of Beelzebub (Grant's line. Good isn't it!) to somewhere that sells this, or order it from Grant before all the neat colour covers are sold out

In a Word: Roadworthy.

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