Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of BLOO-DYDE-BLUD Creator(s): A bunch of Australians
Publishers: Dead Xerox Press
From: Australia

In which a bunch of top notch Australian comic creators muse on the passing of Princess Diana. Most attack her image and the mindless gush of emotion that followed her death, such as Angelo Madrid's tale of obsession and necrophilia. There are some quite tasteless material in here, so I doubt any knighthood's will be in the offering for any the artists concerned, but as a commentary on the mass hysteria that followed her death this makes for a very interesting read, because for all the dismissive aspects of their work the Death of Diana produced some quite strong reactions in them.

My favourite piece is that by Vic Saray in which she shows how events in her life mirrored those of Diana's. It is the most restrained of the contributions, showing what Diana's death meant to her instead of using her death as an excuse for easy laughs.

In a Word: Memoriam.

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