Monkeysuit Ashcan

Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Monkeysuit Ashcan Creator(s): A bunch of Creators
Publishers: Monkeysuit Press
From: USA

Nine creators get one B/W page to make and impression so lets see how they do:

Mike Foran: A funny little dinosaur type creature picks up another wheeled creature/robot and gets blinded by a Polaroid camera. This looks cute, has a really nice layout and suggests a longer plot line, I'm hooked.

Ben Edlund: "She married a bogeyman" and it looks like Ben milks the concept for some laughs. Yeah, he created the Tick so we know he has a funny bone and the artwork looks suitably ghoulish.

Pat Giles: A dude with big hair and shades needs to get rid of a squirrel the size of a pinto. Looks like it could turn nasty but the squirrel is so cute.

Chris McCulloch: A very shell-shocked Santa visits a political prisoner. Artwork looks fine to me.

Prentis Rolins: the artwork here is very very nice to look at and the story looks like it could get complicated. A kid is showing his grandaddy his Star Wars toys and the stormtrooper produces a disturbing response...

Miguel Matinez-Joffre: Hanna Babara type characters on acid.

Bill Presing: A woman in Nazi uniform is tying up another woman until the dashing hero appears with masculine jaw line and pistol.

Willy Hatland: Whimsical tale of a boy with gigantic wooden legs and a double jointed pelvis drawn in classic New Yorker style.

Jonathan Royce: A guy and a little bunny are making masks, boy does something with his mask that makes the bunny very afraid and made me laugh out loud. Best of the bunch.

In a Word: This collection suggests that Monkeysuit is worth a look..

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