SPXpo Anthology Announced

Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

The Small Press Expo has finalized the lineup for The Expo 2000 anthology. It is to be made up of 60 short comics stories, plus interviews and essays, totaling more than 352 pages, all for $6.95. As always, all profits from this book go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). If previous editions are anything to go on, this will be an entertain showcase of the wide range of material on offer in the small press medium.

This year it will include 40 pages never before available in English from the founding members of the French collective L'Association, as well as submissions from as far away as Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Australia.

The Expo 2000 anthology is scheduled for release in August, and can be ordered from us her at SBS from our online catalogue or by contacting one of our Customer Service Reps. The SPX publishers emphasized that this will be a limited print run, so definitely order to avoid disappointment.

Now, the part everyone is waiting for, the lineup of this year's Expo anthology cartoonists:

David B.
Marc Bell
Charles Berberian
Nick Bertozzi
Chris Bleistein & Chris Shadoian
Mike Brennan
Mat Brinkman
Ivan Brunetti
Mark Burrier
Timomir Chelanovich
Dave Choe
Chris Cilla & Zak Sally
Tony Consiglio
Greg Cook
Jim Drain
Philippe Dupuy
Tom Galambos
Daniel Gallant
Leif Goldberg
Dean Haspiel
Ben Jones
Megan Kelso
James Kochalka
David Lasky
Jon Lewis & Tom Hart
Darko Macan
Ted May & Warren Craghead
Dave Mazure
J. C. Menu
Sasha Mihajlowich
Scott Mills
Leland Myrick & Mark Dos Santos
Josh Neufeld & R. Walker
Jim Ottaviani & Rick Veitch
Michael Patrick
John Porcellino
Ansis Purins
Brian Ralph
Ron Rege
Jesse Reklaw
Eric Reynolds
Alex Robinson
Johnny Ryan
Kevin Scalzo
P. Shaw Ted Stearn
Cat Sullivan
Craig Thompson
Adrian Tomine
J. Torres & Jason B.
Lewis Trondheim
Sean Wang
Chris Ware
Daniel Warner
Kurt Wolfgang

With essays and interviews by:

Charles Brownstein
Mark David Nevins
Tom Spurgeon
Jason Thompson

Information on The Expo 2000 anthology and The Expo 2000 itself can be found at their site: http://www.SPXpo.com.

The organizers have advised that tables and hotel accommodations for the Expo 2000 are almost gone so, if you are planning to attend and have not made plans yet, don't waste any more time.

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