Howdy Partner

Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Howdy Partner Creator(s): Andrew Brandou
Publishers: Robot Publishing Co.
From: USA

I was wandering around SPX99 and this comic just leapt up off a table and got my attention. It is produced in beautifully bright colors, with the cover depicting the cool looking cowboy Howdy striding along with a cat at his heels.

The story inside follows the nutty cowboy as he rounds up a herd of cats in the hope of selling them to cover the cost of a new pair of boots. It is a funny story, illustrated with whimsical charm in a retro style. It looks like an adults idea of a child's story book. The whole thing is on glossy card, with some of the pages inviting you to cut them up to form stand up cowboys and cats.

This is one of the coolest comics I have ever read, though the price might make it's appeal limited in the small press environment. I can only hope it gets an outing as a large format children's book.

In a Word: Yeehaa.

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