No Love Lost

Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Creator(s): Ariel Bordeaux
Publishers: Drawn and Quarterly
From: USA

Relationships are the gist for the mill of small press creators. Quirky people and their lives make for good reading and Ariel uses the material to full advantage.

Emma is going out with Jed. Everyone, including Emma, thinks that Jed is a dink and that Emma could do better. Ariel guides the characters through the final stages of their relationship as Emma tries to build up the courage to tell him it is over and move on.

Ariel draws with a deceptive style: it looks on first impression to be rather crude, but a closer examination reveals that she works hard on the details in the background, and the characters are all moving around in a three dimensional space.

The writing is engrossing, with dialogue that feels just right for the mid 20's slacker/student milieu that the story is set in.

In a Word: Emotions.

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