Zombie Hitman/Veronica Atomic Double Banger

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Zombie Hitman/Veronica Atomic Double Banger Writer(s): C.K. Lichenstein and Jim Hill
Artist(s): Eric Kilkenny
Publishers: Los Hemanos de Muerte/Shifty Midget Spy Network
From: USA

This nifty convention ashcan has a winning color cover that grabs your eye, indicating that both artists have been playing around with some form of photoshop-like application to good effect.

Inside we have two comics; Zombie Hitman is a tale of revenge as a recently deceased hitman goes after the bad driver who killed him in a car accident. The hit man has somehow become a zombi, smells bad, can't speak and is pissed off. The story is a bit of aimless violence depicted in a very attractive angular drawing style.

Flip the comic and you find Veronica Atomic. She's an attractive super spy and looks like the daughter of James bond and Laura Croft. There is lots of double crossing, secret passwords and explosions. During all this Veronica manages to show off a few bikinis and sets of underwear. The story relies too much on all the spy cliches you have ever seen, but it's fun and the artwork is very polished. Jim puts a lot of effort into texture of his work, giving the pages a dynamic energy that the writing lacks.

In a Word: Eye candy.

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