The Bride Of Monkeysuit Leaves Home

Posted: Tuesday, August 1, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Monkeysuit Comics has annouced that The Bride Of Monkeysuit hits stores in August 144 pages b/w $9.95 US and $13.95 CAN aand their new website is up at

It contains the collected works of the artists and writers behind some of TV's most popular shows together in one book. Following on from the success of Monkeysuit they decided to do it again? These animation pros from New York City are back at it and they've brought some new friends with them this time showing off their considerable skills and love of comics in The Bride of Monkeysuit

The writers and artists featured in The Bride of Monkeysuit have worked on Beavis & Butthead, The Tick, Daria, Doug, King of the Hill, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and many others. The returning cast includes Mike Foran, and his critically acclaimed Rover, Jonathan Royce's Keef and Bruno, Bill Presing and Matt Peters‚ Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, and comic gems by Pat Giles, Chris McCulloch, Miguel Martinez-Joffre, and Prentis Rollins.

New to the cast for The Bride of Monkeysuit are Mo Willems, (creator of Nickelodeon‚s The Off-Beats, and the brand new Sheep in the Big City, premiering this fall on the Cartoon Network) and R. Sikoryak (Raw editor, New Yorker contributor, and creator of Fantagraphics‚ The Seduction of Mike) as well as four established animation professionals - Heather Heath, Fariba Adams, Miriam Katin, and Enrico Casarosa who are new to comics.

The press relaeas promises that The Bride of Monkeysuit features a stunning, full color cover painting by Emmy winning artist Bill Presing. The book design was by Mike Foran, who says, "The film theme for this book was an obvious choice, since we are all primarily in the animation industry. We wanted it to feel like an animation festival. It was really a fun book to put together. "

Pat Giles, one of the managing editors, and a contributor, adds "We just want to do stuff that we might enjoy buying or finding on a shelf somewhere. So we've been encouraging each other to do better drawings, and write better stories. Because of this attitude, I think the level of quality in the book is pretty high. I'm really proud to have my work collected with these folks."

A new version of the web-site has also been launched this week. Darren Hick of the Comics Journal called "the most astounding comics related web-site I've ever seen." The new site incorporates previews from all the stories in the new book, plus exclusive web-comics, sketchbooks from the artists, games, and flash graphics.

Monkeysuit Press will be featured at SPX2000, and recently appeared at the San Diego ComicCon International. "We're getting a great reaction from the new book, and we found a new audience for the first volume of 'Monkeysuit' also," says Foran. "Although most of our sales to stores so far have been repeat business, and that's the best endorsement I can think of."

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