Altered Realities #1

Posted: Tuesday, August 8, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Altered Realities #1 Writer(s): Sal Cipriano, and A on first story
Artist(s): Brien Carello and Marco DiLeonardo
Publishers: Altered Reality Comics (Self Published)
From: USA

This anthology collect three stories written by Sal and illustrated by himself and a couple of Friends. Sal covers all the bases with the range of stories on offer here, Funny Little voices is a "boy reaches puberty and gains frightening ability" plot, though the ability is actually a swarm of gothic Pac. Men with bad attitudes. The story moves along at a hectic pace, relying on expository dialogue a bit too much for my liking. His artwork is very energetic but could have benefited from a wider pen and cleaner lettering.

Bruisa tells a tale of a street fighter on the way up who better throw the fight if he wants his family to stay breathing. Sal tells the cliched story with just enough fresh ideas to make in interesting, while Brien handles the action well, though he needs to work on shifting perspectives on faces a bit and should thing more about the left to right flow as he wastes a nice freeze frame sequence by having the natural progressing going right to left.

In the final story Sal give us a nice twist in the tail of the aliens give person super powers plot, illustrated with style by Marco.

The two continuing stories held enough interest for me to want to see what happened next. I was also impressed with the colouring job Joseph Milazzo did on the front and back covers, they make for some striking images.

In a work: Engaging.

In a Word: Engaging..

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