Cynical Girl #1

Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Cynical Girl #1 Writer(s): Jennifer Heddle
Artist(s): William Morton
Publishers: MORTCO
From: USA

Sometimes the little things in life really bug you, don't they? You've been standing in line for ages when some guy cuts into the queue ahead of you. Or you go into a trendy cafe and the waitress treats you like scum cause you don't wear the latest in street fashion. It is times like those that you wish their was someone who could right these wrongs. Well, Cynical Girl is the hero for you.

Geneva Waters has had enough, people have pushed her too far and she has decided to push back. With the alter ego of Cynical Girl and a cute mini skirt costume she stands up for sensible people ever where.

The creative team play the concept for laughs and for the most part succeed. Geneva is a sharped tongued no nonsense lady, more than prepared to tell people where to get off. In the first issue we are introduced to the supporting cast, an entertaining bunch of geeks, dental surgeons, book store owners etc.

Art wise, William has a very clean cartoon style, reminiscent of the Batman Adventures look. He paces the comic very well, making good use of "pause" panels for comedic effect. Special mention must be made of his rendition of Bartleby, Cynical Girl's pet cat. Once seen, never forgotten. I really hope Bartleby has a bigger role in later issues.

The more cynical of us might argue that Geneva's fixation on such a skimpy superhero costume seems contrived for a character so straight talking, but seeing how Jennifer justifies this within the comic could be fun.

In a Word: Snappy.

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