SPX 2000

Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Creator(s): Various
Publishers: SPX
Price: US$6.95

The small press expo will soon be happening again (15-16th of September 2000) so as is the custom the organizers have put together their small press anthology. While it champions small press, at 325 pages small is the last way to describe this collection.

While it can't hope to include the work of every small press creator it does offer a good range of creators, with close to sixty contributions. Some the big names are here; Seth, Tom Hart, James Kochalka. There are also lots people you have probably never heard about but who deserve to get noticed. Here's a few names at random for you: Anis Puris, Killoffer, Lleland Myrick.

On top of all the comics there is also included a collection of articles and interviews covering such topics as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, New Zealand Comics, Japanese alternative comics, Scott McCloud and more.

As a sampling of the world of small press this is an essential purchase, and at only US$6.95 it's the best value for money that I've had from my local comic store for a long time. But wait, there's more: the cover work by Charles Burns and Jeff Smith make it look extra handsome.

In a Word: Compulsory.

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