I Dreamt I Was A Robot (Last Night)

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of I Dreamt I Was A Robot (Last Night) Creator(s): Gareth Morgan
Publishers: Self Published
From: UK

A parcel just arrived from the United Kingdom and the cover of this made sure it would be the first read with a striking image: a robot brushing its teeth.

The artwork on display here is top notch. Line drawings are mixed with photographic images. I'm not sure of the production process used here but the black is wonderfully dark and slightly shinny, as if it was screen printed.

The story concerns the creator's dream where he visits the British Museum and realizes that he has somehow been transformed into a robot. He hides in the museum for a while, then sneaks home where he hides out for long period. He spends his time watching TV, and soon finds he can tune into them without a TV so watches all the channels at the same time as well as surfing the Internet at top speed. He also revels in the physical abilities of his new body, slicing bread with pin point accuracy. As boredom sets in Robot decides to go on a trip outside.

It's a delightful tale, told with effortless charm and whimsy and its experimental approach works well.

In a Word: Clever.

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