ARMAGEDDON Convention Wants Small Press!!

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

The organisers for ARMAGEDDON (New Zealand comics convention) have been spreading the word about the February 2001 convention and wnats to know if you plan on being there. If you are a comic creaor then send them a brief list of what they've done and a self-portrait (any size, so long as it's square).  

The con will have a few international comics guests, including: Walt & Louise Simonson, Diana Schutz (Dark Horse senior editor, including head of the Maverick line) and (as yet unconfirmed) Bob Schreck (DC editor, former founder of Oni Press), as well as local lad made good Dylan Horricks so this is a good chance for anyone looking for that opportunity to charm, impress, blackmail an important editor (or just show them your portfolio).   

If you want to be listed in the Armageddon catalogue/magazine and on the website as an attending cartoonist/comics creator, send your details and square self-portrait to Bill by Oct 15 to:  

Bill Geradts or: Ph: (09) 625 8012   For more info., take a look at

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me