Str@nge Currencies Five Track

Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Str@nge Currencies Five Track Creator(s): Adrian Kinnaird
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand

These short strips come from the full colour comic strip that Adrian does for the Auckland Institute of Technology student magazine. They follow a stream of consciousness format, with one a paper doll with four outfits, another a game of tetris over a desert Island backdrop. Amongst these the characters wander around talking about everything and nothing.

The format that Adrian has produced these is a new one on me; five strips each on a separate pieces of paper (A4 in half top to bottom) collected in a wrap around slip sleeve. The artwork is very clean and pleasing to the eye, though a few of the characters appear cross eyed in some panels.

Adrian wins some bonus points with me for having one of the characters wearing a "Landing on water" T-Shirt.

In a Word: Ideas.

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