Neo-City # 1 And #2

Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Neo-City # 1 And #2 Creator(s): Nick Barber
Publishers: Counterfeit Press (Self Published)
From: phone him at 0649 817 6022 (New Zealand)

Cyber is as the name suggests not quite as human as he looks. He lives in Neo-City, which is a real dump. Lowlife criminals are everywhere that you look and if you do look, they will probably shoot you or cut you up and sell your body parts on the black market.

The plot so far involves Cyber doing a bit of enforcing for a mate. He is trying to recover a disk of data that was meant to be delivered and seems to have been delayed. Recovery involves lots of fights, gun shots and "bitch slaps".

During the course of this endeavor a mysterious group of mysterious people decide that cyber is actually a mysterious kind of superweapon that could go into "game over" mode at any moment. This means that a bunch of other mysterious groups want to fight and/or shoot Cyber.

Barber focuses in his artwork is the characters, and he doesn't put much detail into backgrounds or props that are on show. His figure drawing is rough in issue one but by issue two some improvements are to be seen. He needs to put some more effort into his facial drawing, especially as a lot of this book is talking heads material.

The colour covers look attractive but the comic reads like the a scenario for a playstation game.

In a Word: Violent.

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