Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dogs Creator(s): Brandan Philip
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand

Brendan has a real talent for wistful comix that use silences and awkward glances to great effect in presenting an atmosphere of loneliness and contemplation. This collection of work from the last 12 months offers a great sampling of his work.

Prétentieux presents us with a couple on the beach looking out for UFO when the wrong phrase creates an awkward moment. The artwork is very wood-block like and captures a firelight night very well.

World without Gravity is another episode in his long running serial following a young man's journey to a strange town. This installment is a poetic offering, following a flying bird thought the sky and accompanying it with series of images of domestic objects that seem to have no connection, but all is revealed in the final panels.

Happy New Year Baby. Reprints his amusing wordless comic that tells an amusing story of drunken high jinx and new year's kisses.

Colour Field Theory is a quirky little strip that plays around with a lot of things: Paint by numbers, bad TV and zombie invaders.

A Song for Home More gracefully stark images here, recapping some of the Year without Gravity plot developments

The collection is rounded out with some sketches, and illustrations form his drawing pad. All in all this is a great collection that adds to Brendan's growing reputation for interesting material.

In a Word: Lyrical.

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