Dollface #2 -

Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dollface #2 - Creator(s): Various
Publishers: Self Published
From: Canada

Drawn in a slightly rough style the stories in this comic are well worth hunting down. In the first one we find that Angry Beaver has fallen in love. He no longer finds any pleasure in beating up the other beavers. He is so pathetic it is sickening. The only part of the old Angry Beaver that survives is his dislike of those pesky woodland elves.

The next semi autobiographical piece focuses on a letter that Amy receives from a friend who is travelling overseas. The letter makes her think about whether she should travel. She thinks back to a year ago when her friends were still in town and She did some belly dancing for them. This is a finely observed piece which is slightly dis-joined as we skip from the present to the past, but still engrossing.

The collection closes with a further episode of Angry Beaver. He is still hopelessly in love but fate will deal him a cruel blow.

This is a great comic, funny and thoughtful with links between the two moods that reward consideration.

In a Word: Creative.

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