Fries with That? #1

Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Fries with That? #1 Creator(s): Various
Publishers: Crash Comics (Self Published) - 1996
From: Canada

The service industry; jobs that keep the bank manager happy but drain your soul. Curt Shoultz collected up a group of strips that he drew as well as those by his some local comic creators to produce this very attractive anthology, full of insights and commentary on the world of retail and the service sector.

There is Freezer Man, who passes on to the new kid all his years of experience regarding stocking the cool store. Shoultz draws this in a very dynamic style, with lots of emphasis on three-d effects and action.

Tammy McKinnon's very clear drawing style compliments her short tale of roaming hands at the burger bar. Then Geoff North gives us a horror story regarding the shop clerk from hell who insults the clients, ignores the boss and hits on the other staff. This is a very funny story with a nasty ending.

Sean Carruthers and Curt team up on a sarcastic tale of music store goings on that makes the staff in High Fidelity look like workers in a charity store. Following this is a quirky little piece, My Struggle, which follows a very strange guy in a jump suit on his first day on the job. Things don't go very well for him but it sure is funny.

Dianne Thompson recountss her experience with an ill-tempered customer in a short two page strip, with the collection being rounded out with the Schultz drawn story A Checkway Day, which catalogues a wide range of check out experiences.

In all this is an excellent collection, marked by a high standard of artwork and a unifying idea that should appeal to all the shop attendants and fast food staff out there.

In a Word: Consuming.

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