Bathroom Girls #1 to #4

Posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Creator(s): Yvonne Mojica
Publishers: Modern Comics
From: USA

Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl with a baseball bat and a grudge to settle. The girls in this comic spend most of their school day smoking in the bathroom, plotting ways to humiliate the cheerleaders and any other group of girls who they hate and despise. The plans they formulate involve drugs, broken arms, rock music, stolen cars, spiked drinks and enough swearing to make Southpark look like an episode of Josie and the Pussycats.

Over the course of the four issues Yvonne's artwork has become more polished without losing any of its energetic charm. The girls are all attractive without being all cleavage and legs, and the anger shines out of their eyes like really really bright thing in the dark.

Yvonne gives the proverbial finger to all the critics who worry that the nasty aspects of the events portrayed in her work isn't the most wholesome comic entertainment. I can only cheer her on and hope that she keeps on doing her own thing. The comic has an energy that is sorely lacking in most mainstream media. Sure the violence is nasty but it is always believable, bringing to mind the girls at school who you just didn't want to mess with. Never a dull moment here and it's not readily apparent just how things are going to end up.

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In a Word: Aggressive.

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