Guillotine Vol 1 #3

Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2000
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Guillotine Vol 1 #3 Creator(s): Various
Publishers: Self published - 1995
From: 2T3

In which a group of comic creators present a bilingual comic anthology. The emphasis here is on experimental pieces, with some very hallucinatory work on display. Being as I don't understand a word of French some of the work is a mystery to me, but there is enough English language material to make it value for money.

Of those that I could follow "Beautiful" by Chantale Elenna Doyle was is the most appealing with its lyrical contemplation of a sunrise over the city, with Chantale sitting on the roof of her building watching the city below and the lives of her neighbours. Shane Simmons also makes an appearance with his gross out couple Those Wacky Squalids proving that kittens and juicers can't coexist for very long.

The wordless story "Snack Bar" by Éric Braün catches the eye with clean and bold line work and a strange assortment of characters on display.

In a Word: Étrange.

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