Wyld Spirits #4

Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Wyld Spirits #4 Creator(s): Erik Buchanan
Publishers: Night Shift Studios / UFO (Self Published)
From: USA

Drawn in a slightly annoying strip format this simple but emotionally charged story focuses on scared little girl who is the sole survivor of an attack on her village. Scared and alone she is found by Spry, one of the Wyld Spirits (Actually a talking mushroom) who hears her sobs. Spry soon learns that in order to help her he must help her face up to the terrible truth of the attack.

The directness of the dialogue and childrens' story-book quality of Erik's artwork meant that I underestimated this book at first, expecting a cute and happy story. Instead this is a grim little tale that is told with some subtlety.

The artwork is top quality material that wouldn't look out of place alongside the best classic Disney illustrations/animation. Spooky spirits, frightened bunnies, armies of giant wasp-like creatures all come to life with some charm.

If you are looking for well written and excellently drawn stories that both adults and children will enjoy then look no further.

In a Word: Endearing.

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