Chrysalis 2000 (In Twenty-Four Hours)

Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Chrysalis 2000 (In Twenty-Four Hours) Creator(s): Bevan Kay
From: New Zealand

Taking up the challenge from Scott McCloud, Bevan set out to write and draw a comic in 24 hours. With only a few hours left he awoke to find himself on his bed with no memory of having gone there, and when he went back to his drawing desk he found he had left the lid off his pen and had 6 more pages to go.

While the book isn't terrible, neither does it make a lot of sense. It focuses on a hot dog seller and his customers, giving us little vignettes of their lives. Of central importance is a little boy who appears to take his own life for some unknown reason.

There are some nice passages in the book, hinting that perhaps a longer time frame for its production might have resulted in a more reflective work that would have done justice to the panels that Bevan filled with tender angst.

In a Word: Rushed.

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