Pure Evil #5

Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Pure Evil #5 Creator(s): Susan Butcher, Carol Wood, Peter Savieri, Jared Lane, Ben Hutchings, Aaron O'Donnell, Stefan Neville, Clayton Noone, Neale Blanden, Mandy Ord, Q-Ray, Nicki Greenberg, Glenn Smith, Nick Potter, Tim Danko, Kieran Mangan, Angelo Madrid, Amber Carvan, Michael Fikaris, Peter Jetnikoff, Greg MacKay, Louise Graber, Anton Emedin, Lachlan Conn, & David Nichols.
Publishers: Braddock Coalition / Silen Army (Self Published)
From: Australia

This 80 page anthology collects an interesting range of material form creators in Australia and New Zealand. Focused at an adult audience it has some sexual content but mostly with well written and thoughtful plots.

Matthew Tait (Recently featured here at SBC) contributes a piece called Pussy, a dream interpretation type story that plays with the connotations of the title. Matthews bold artwork is a treat.

Ord contributes an interesting short strip that looks at peoples' reactions to an old man who swears at everyone in the neighborhood. Peter Savieri tells a disturbing tale focusing on the long term effects that sexual abuse has had on a woman. Be warned, it finishes with a nasty twist in the tale.

A favorite creator of mine, Gregory Mackay, makes an appearance with a typically well crafted short piece about a painful dental procedure. His use of panels of empty rooms, motionless objects and exterior establishing shots flow together wonderfully to build up the tension.

Ex local artist Jared Lane contributes two pieces, his Tales of the Flat City sees him return to his old haunts after some time away, experiencing the loss caused by change but finding some conections with the place through old friends. The Party focuses on claims of date rape and the consequence for a group of friends. As usual Jared's art looks mighty fine.

These and the other contributions are all of a very high standard, making this one of the better anthologies that I've seen from 2000. Well worth your effort trying to track this one down.

In a Word: Solid.

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