Bacchus Creator Crashes ComicFest

Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Eddie Campbell, writer/artist of Alec, Bacchus, and collaborator with Alan Moore on From Hell, The Birth Caul, and the forthcoming Snakes & Ladders, will be appearing at ComicFest 2001 in Sydney, Australia February 3-4:

"Anybody in the southern hemisphere on 3rd/4th of February should haul their bottoms along to ComicFest in Sydney, where on the Sunday at midday I will be doing a big talk, for an hour at least, and two if the wind is blowing right, on the subject of From Hell, Hollywood, the Customs bust, the Australian edition of From Hell from a big book publisher (which will be formally announced at very soon) and how to run a global publishing operation out of your front room. Everybody in Australia who has any kind of interest in doing anything in this business should come along and interrupt me and ask questions and meet everybody else there. There is less time than you think. I started twenty years ago by sending out little self-published photocopied booklets and have continued in a straight line from there. Let's talk..."

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