Bubonix #23

Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Bubonix #23 Creator(s): Jean-Guy Brin
Publishers: Bubonic Press (Self Published
From: Canada
Price: $1 (Ca)

This issue of Jean-Guys long running title contains two strong stories told in very different styles.

Bozo and the Astronaut is a bitter-sweet tale about the nature of hero worship. Bozo teaches a young boy to appreciate the mystery and marvel of the moon. This leads the boy into a career as an astronaut. His success and the praise he thus wins have unforeseen consequences for Bozo.

Each of the panels in this story take up the full page and are finely detailed pictures with lots of cross hatching delineating the different textures.

In the second tale Jean-Guy uses a bold stencil style to depict a fable about the prospective bride of an African chief and the night she must spend in the jungle to prove her worth. This is entitled The Wink and involves a secret shared between the bride and the narrator. While I couldn't figure out what the joke was, the story was very nice to look at so I can't complain.

In a Word: Contrasting.

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