Three and the Historical Society #0 and #1

Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Three and the Historical Society #0 and #1 Creator(s): Scott Dutton
Publishers: Catspaw Dynamics (Self Published)
From: Canada
Price: $2 (ca) each back in 2001; $0 now as pdf dowload

While these contain a lot of expository dialogue, especially #0, this title is an exciting superhero tale. Scott obviously has a long term plan for his characters so doesn't rush things.

In these two issues were introduced to Three, an enigmatic figure dressed in a black body suit and hood who mystifies both criminals and governments with his escapades. Whether he is hijacking a space shuttle while in orbit or taking down a crime lords operations he shows no fear and seems untouchable, though certain covert government agencies intend to do something about that.

Scott doesn't let us down with his art, it's got imaginative layouts and well crafted characters inter acting with each other and various bits of technology.

In a Word: Handsome.

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