Rogue #6

Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Rogue #6 Creator(s): Various
Publishers: New Zealand Cartoonists Collective
From: New Zealand
Price: $ 3 (NZ)

After a boring day at work you sometimes need a good dose of escapist entertainment, something to take your mind off the mundane routine of everyday live. This issue of Rouge certainly does that with its cover image of a beefy warrior, broadsword in one hand and sickle in the other defying you to stay bored.

First in the excitement stakes is Sunset Tiger and the Land Pirates by Lee Challis. Over six gun toting hero has to outwit those pesky pirates in a story full of explosions, angry rats and machine guns. Serous silliness here drawn in an appealing and simple style.

Brief Excursion returns with more space smuggling adventures. People get zapped, aliens swap insults about pointed ears and the plot doesn't get much further than last issue.

Nathan Jones keeps a few steps ahead of the alien and the clone who have violence on their minds. We also get to see the birth of a New Zealand superhero - cool, shame about the daft haircut though.

Also along for the ride is a sword and sorcery tale, The Mirrors of Time, a reprint of Steve Saville's Earth Wraith and a collection of short strips by various other cartoonists. Lots to keep the entertainment junkies happy with artwork ranging from competent to patchy.

In a Word: Action.

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