Martians Love Comics!!!!!

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Sprout and Alexa posted the following request for material:

"We're starting up a new mini-press type thang to publish small press comics and comics anthologies (may god have mercy on our souls...) Our first production is going to be an 64 page anthology book called Next Stop Mars, which hopefully (eventually) run on a quarterly basis and revolve around some inane theme we come up with the night before we have to solicit for submissions. Currently in production are issues number one (robots) and number two (monkeys.) So, if you have a story revolving around these ridiculous subjects, or just have some cool cartoon thing, since we'll more than likely never fill 64 pages with robot and monkey stories, email us at: and we'll talk."

They closed with a lovely image which I think deserves to be shared:

"Remember, comics aren't dead. They're just coughing up blood in the morning and saying, it's fine...I'll go to the doctors next week if it doesnt clear up."

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