Reader's Guide to the Underground Press #14 Out Now  

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

The Reader's Guide #14 is a full-sized, 64-page zine with front and back covers silk-screened by hand in a numbered edition of 800.

Thier latest issue includes hundreds of reviews; news articles on censorship and privacy issues (including: government agencies trying to obtain bookstore records, students being punished for their writing and websites -- inside and outside of school, Starbucks suing a cartoonist for making a parody of their logo, and more); columns on zine publishing, treasure in trash, and making a stash-safe out of an 8-track cassette; listings of upcoming events; and info on diy and underground projects.  

Regular features include reviews of zines, chapbooks, self-published books, spoken-word recordings, ezines... just about anything diy EXCEPT music.

Ads, with free listings for any DIY or out-of-the-mainstream project, up to 50 words. We've also got pretty cheap rates for display ads. Send your info to Jerianne, c/o ARG, or to

Word of Mouth: comments from zinesters about stores that pay, stores that don't, distros, deadbeat zines, the post office, delivery services, other review zines, zine libraries, etc. Tell it to Ben at PMB 2723, 537 Jones, SF CA 94102 or

Reader's Guide costs $4, and a 4-issue subscribtion runs $12.

Send your address with payment in cash, stamps or money order with "pay to the order of" left blank -- no checks -- to

PMB 2386, 537 Jones, SF, CA 94102, USA

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me