Xeno's Arrow Relaunched

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Xeno's Arrow Book 2, #1 - The solicitation

Once upon a time in the Known Galaxy, a group of aliens escaped from
an intergalactic Zoo run by Lizards...

Now, the much-awaited sequel to the critically-acclaimed Xeno's Arrow
Book 1 takes flight in an all-new six-issue mini-series from Radio
Comix! Readers will meet the eccentric runaways who form the crew of
the Starship Arrow - the exasperating rebel Clemens; the neurotic
agoraphobe Z'nyd'n; the snide philosopher Okiris; the disconcertingly
cheerful Flutters; and the perpetually heroic swashbuckler Captain

Readers young and old will be drawn into the world of Civilization,
and thrill to the adventures of Xeno, the naive dreamer with
mysterious origins. And you won't need to be familiar with the
storyline of Book 1 to jump right into the action and enjoy the
series! In this debut issue, Xeno and the crew must confront two
pressing questions...

One: Where do they go next?

And two: Just what is lurking in the lower cargo bay?

Finally, a note to long-time readers:

By the way, we apologize for missing our scheduled January ship date -
this was due to a misunderstanding with our new publisher regarding
the turnaround time needed to get the book to press. Not Radio's
fault, just one of the little pitfalls that lurk when you move from
being self-published. Now that Greg and I understand the process
better, we don't expect a hiccup like that to happen again.

Thank you all for your interest in, and support of, Xeno's Arrow!


Stephen Geigen-Miller
Cup O' Tea Studios
Publishers of Xeno's Arrow

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