Space - Out of this World #1-3

Posted: Tuesday, February 20, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Space - Out of this World #1-3 Writer(s): Joy Jones
Artist(s): Flix Gillett
Publishers: Self Published (1996-97)
From: UK
Price: £2.50 (UK)

Mockingbird has two years left of her school studies and has been assigned to the remote planet of SPX to complete them. While it's a large base there aren't many people permanently posted to it and only a couple of these seem very talkative. This isolation might be good for Mockingbird's studies, but it becomes a concern when one of the planets indigenous creatures sneaks into her quarters and tries to kill her.

Soon life on SPX becomes two exiting for Mockingbird's own good - the local law man seems to be plotting her death and the moody scientist (who looks like a badger) seems to know more about her than is healthy and appears to take offense when she tells him he looks just like a badger. Soon there are chases down dark access ways, robot battles and strange dreams to contend with.

Joy's plotting is well thought out and very imaginative, with the reader having no idea of what will happen next. That said, everything ties together well so we don't loose interest. There are some nice touches of humour along the way, what with a smart-alec disembodied brain that sits in the scientists lab in a fish tank, bemoaning the fact that everyone ignores it and getting on the scientist's nerves.

Klix does his/her (?) part with the artwork. The layouts are very energetic with some nifty splash pages. The character designs are a highlight, with different drawing styles used for the different characters. All in all a nifty wee comic.

In a Word: Inventive.

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