Dr Mystery #1-6 + Annual

Posted: Tuesday, February 20, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dr Mystery #1-6 + Annual Creator(s): Mike Hall
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA

Absurdist superhero comedy is how one of the characters describes the goings on in this comic and that about sums it up. Dr Mystery has a secret headquarters chock full of cool high tech equipment and the standard friend who is an ineffectual police commissioner and always rings asking for help with the latest attack on the city. Also along for the ride is a secret nemesis who plots Dr Mystery's downfall.

Each issue has the good Dr facing another sinister villain, ranging from rogue elf clones to professional wrestlers who decide to wrestle for real. The comics have plenty of laughs but tend to be overly wordy in parts, with Mike making a self-referential joke about this trend in the annual.

While my corny-superhero-cliché-meter nearly blew a fuse over most issues the laugh-o-analyzer was working overtime so it is all for the best, and any book that features city wide destruction caused by a 400 foot pogo stick (Megapogo 1) deserves a read.

Mike's artwork is of a consistently high standard with bold page layouts and characters who look different from each other. Mike makes the most of the small format he works in. While there is nothing here that will change the comic medium these are a humorous read.

In a Word: Fun.

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