C.A.O.F. Presents #19

Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of C.A.O.F. Presents #19 Creator(s): Various
Publishers: Comic Artists of the Future

Creator: Various
Publisher: Comic Artists of the Future
Address: 10 Cleveland Ave, High Ercall, Telford, Shropshire TF6 6AH, ENGLAND.

The busty science fiction heroine that graces the cover has a shapely posterior but really should have worn a bit more clothing for such a public display, especially as she is the welcoming committee for prospective readers. This said, don't let her put you off this small press anthology because it has some pleasant surprises inside.

Tim Brown contributes a couple of okay pages that get a dig in at pop music icons and their lifestyles of money and fame, drawn in a sparse hand.

The two main contribution here start with a lively take on Superheros which goes by the name Flick and Jube. Simon Mackie presents a tale of two fashion designers who have been seen in the last episode to fly unaided through the air. In this installment they are keeping a low profile, worried for their own safety. When they do pluck up the courage to visit a night club they find they are held in awe by a growing cult. They also find that their relationship might not be as secure as they had though because of secrets in Fick's past.

Tony McGee's Dark Weather is a mysterious wee tale. A hitch-hiker glimpsed in car's headlights triggers memories of an unexpected guest and episodes of sleepwalking. There's no clue where this is all leading but Tony's use of a variety of points of view in his panels give the story a nice dreamy feel.

The anthology is rounded off by a weak joke about the angel Gabriel by Chow, along side a quite jolly investigation of the meaning of irony presented with some nifty artwork by Richard J Smith

In a Word: Speculative.

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