Ministry: Redux #1

Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Ministry: Redux #1 Writer(s): Jay Bonney
Artist(s): Nathan Webb
Publishers: Ministry Comics (Self Published)
From: UK

The Ministry was formed in 1967 by the Vatican to investigate religious paranormal activities and has become a world wide covert organization. In issue one we get to see a sample of their activities which include commando raids on abandoned warehouses in Paris, fire fights with monsters and satellite surveillance.

The Japanese branch decide to send in an armed operative to the object of one such surveillance; what appears to be a hatching demon. Back in England agents are called to investigate a dark prophecy found on some ancient scrolls which seems to be connected to the recent promotion of a member of parliament.

This series promises lots of action and intrigue with the story have several parallel plots and a multitude of characters. While the idea of a Vatican sponsored combat force seems kind of goofy the plotting doesn't leave you much time to picking holes in the goings on. Jay also has a nice store of humorous dialogue on hand to lighten the tone.

Nathan displays a good grounding in the basics of comic illustration with nice backgrounds on display and some intelligent layouts used in the action sequences. My only criticism is that he need to spend more time on the basics of drawing human heads, with the work that he puts in on detailed facial features being spoiled by some flaws in perspective.

Must also mention that the graphic design on the cover is excellent, very attractive.

In a Word: Energetic.

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