Last Sane Cow in England #1 & #2, the

Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Last Sane Cow in England #1 & #2, the Creator(s): Daniel McKeown
Publishers: Self Published
From: 5051
Price: 50c (Aus)

While the erratum to Issue one warns the reader that "The pictures should be better drawn." there is still lots to like about these two mini comics. Issue one focuses on the sibling infighting between two children; Tom and Sarah. They play tricks on each other, have arguments and generally act just as a couple of children should. At school Tom has to hit one of the girls, Gillie cause she said she liked him. This gets back to Sarah who uses it to make fun of Tom.

The stories here are amusing in a Kids say the funniest things kind of way. In issue two we get an entertaining road movie story, as a couple go for a trip in Australia from Blackwood to Andamooka. Once there they get to see some of the lamest tourist attractions in the whole country.

Each of the issues contains several one page strips of which The Hit is the most memorable. It is a cleaver piece of page layout trickery in which time sequence and physical layout clash in a tragic way.

With lots to provoke chuckles and the occasional shock - The sealed section in issue two encloses a hilarious but gross story, YUCK!!! - this is a worthwhile read, and the art really isn't that bad.

In a Word: Concise.

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