Santa Barbara Zine Fest

Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

The 4th annual SBZF is a day long celebration of small press, and independent zine and comic publishers and other forms of self- expression.

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2001
Time: 11AM - 5PM

Where: Goleta Valley Community Center
5679 Hollister Avenue, Goleta CA
(10 mins. from downtown SB)

* Free Admission * Open to the Public * Free Parking *

This year's participants include the creative minds behind Angry Thoreauan, Wishbone, The Assassin and the Whiner, Empty Life, Die, Spanks!, Lummox Journal, A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, El Muerto, Mr. Peebody's Soiled Trousers & Other Delights, Pirate Jenny, Pisces Catalog, Idiosyncrasy, Creepy Mike's Omnibus of Fun, Cult of Eidophusikon and Rooster Press. More names will be added soon!

There will be a screening of "Grrlyshow" by Kara Herrod, a documentary about girl zines and girl zine makers. It features the creators of BUST, Bamboo Girl, Bitch, Java Turtle, Plotz! and others. It was such a big hit last year that they are showcasing it again! By the way, this film just appeared at Sundance Film Festival.

In keeping with tradition, the night will end with wild partying at the fabulous Mercury Lounge just down the street from the community center! The fun begins around 8PM.

Registration fee: $15.00 - Includes half table space, 2 chairs, beverages, lunch, fest program, an exhibitor's "survivor" kit, and your very own SBZF badge for you and a guest.

Exhibitor's information/sign up packets will be available March 15th.

Packet includes driving map, setup/breakdown times, "rules" of the community center, your special needs list, and a short bio sheet (for the fest program). The organizers may request a copy of your zine or comic if they have never read it before.

Deadline: May 7th, 2001. Send cash, check or money order payable to Lynne Lowe, PO Box 20028, Santa Barbara, CA 93120

There is a limited amount of space available so return the forms as quickly as possible. Once all the tables have been claimed you will be placed on a waiting list. Your fee will be returned if you don't get one.

You can also fax your paperwork to Lynne at (877)786-6638

Won't be able to attend in person? How about donating items for the grab bags? Get the word out about your publication by sending your zines, comics, flyers, stickers, buttons, etc. Your name will be added to the fest program in the "thank you" section. Please mail items to my po box. If you need to send via UPS let Lynne know and she will give you her street address. Please, DO NOT mail it to the community center!

If there is anything not covered here contact Lynne at

Lynne Lowe
Java Turtle zine
Zine Fest Coordinator

Lynne wanted you all to be sure and check these sites out:


The Mercury Lounge

SB Independent

The Living Room

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me