Independent Creators Raise Money For CBLDF

Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

The independent online comic book creators have joined to create a pinup titled "The New Breed", which will be auctioned on eBay on April 20, 2001. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).

The project is led by Marvin Wynn, of New Breed Studios, and brings nine rising creators together. The original pencil artwork will be available for bidding; with a free, downloadable, full-color pinup available online. "The New Breed pinup, brings together a group of indy and up-and-coming creators, joining to create something in their own vision," said Wynn. "This project will give some recognition to unknown creators, while benefiting the CBLDF. I really believe in the work they do and I want to give something back."

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization protecting First Amendment rights in the comic community. Founded in 1986, the CBLDF's guiding principle is that comics deserve the same freedom of expression accorded film, literature, and other media. Thanks to the generous support from comic fans and professionals alike, the CBLDF has coordinated and funded the legal defense of more than a dozen First Amendment comics cases. Along with Wynn are Ryan Scott Ottney, Thomas Mason, John Metych, D. Jason Meadows, Joe Spicer, Michael Kasinger, Chad Sergesketter, and Kristin Severson.

Each participant represents an indy label, and contributes characters to the pinup which will be penciled by Kasinger; with the downloadable file inked by Sergesketter, and colored by Severson. In all, the pinup will feature 17 characters from the following labels:

* Underground Media Comics (
* Star Cross Studios (
* Beta 3 (
* Mental Studios (
* Lead Slingers (

"I have known several of the creators involved for a while, and when Marvin asked me to join in this event to raise money for the CBLDF, I jumped at the chance," Ottney said. "I really admire the work they do and I have always been a supporter. This is a great way for the indy scene to give something back."

The participants of the New Breed pinup urge collectors, aspiring creators and professionals alike to participate in the bidding to benefit the CBLDF. For more information on the pinup, email Marvin Wynn at

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