Join the Cluster Bomb!

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Marvin Wynn, Creator/Writer of Silent Strike is involved with Cluster Bomb!, a proposed CD Rom comic anthology currently looking for contributors. Heres the pitch:

What is the one thing, holding back the small press/Indy publisher?

Answer: Lack of exposure.

So now you ask, what exactly is the point of this anthology? Answer: There is safety in numbers. For while you cannot get exposure, on your own, the exposure generated by another title, will help shine some light on yours. For while youmay have a limited fan base, for your title A. Someone else's title B, may have a lot larger fan base, while still title C could have an even larger one. The results of your title, side by side with theirs could add greatly to your fan base. Cluster Bomb! : The Anthology

What is Cluster Bomb! ?

A couple comic creators came up with the idea to band together the talented independent comic creators to contribute to one big book that features there stories, in an effort to give greater exposure to creators hardwork. Each Indy creator wanting to be involved should know that there would be 37 open slots. Each contributor puts together work that they have done, then name the section and list their appropriate credits and the website they want to promote. and mail them to Marvin ( and Joe (

Our goal is to help promote Indy creators and there work and to come together and meet other creators and increase your fan base.

This is a one shot for now
It is a voluntary activity for Indy creators. We are not trying to start a new company. We all have our own Indy companies ourselves. You still own any stories you contribute; you are just showing them with others works, to gain added exposure.

What is acceptable?
Nothing too hard core no nudity or hard swearing or extremely graphic violence. You may have typical comic scarce clothing, mild swearing, and comic violence, as it relates to your story.

How many pages must I do?
The minimum amount will be 4, the maximum will be 12.

We want to work around every ones schedule. we don't want to interrupt any current projects.

Please get involved, we are doing this for all our independent comic creator brothers and sisters. Send copies of your section to us, along with your name, address, phone number and name your section.

All rights are retained by you creators this is not for us it is for everyone's benefit to have everyone's convention table, have a book by all the great Indy people out there. We encourage for every one to get their local store to carry the book when it comes out and to order more than one and have them at your convention tables. We will try to get Wizard to take it up as well as all the websites to promote it. We can all make it big if we come together.

THE F.A.Q.Version 1.0
1.What is the timeframe for the comic Cluster Bomb?

It will begin immediately when we announce to everyone the project. I have never done a project this big and because the participants are probably having to work around there own books to do this we will have to be loose with it but when we have a good amount we would contact anyone we are waiting for and let them know if they don't get it in we publish it without them, there loss not ours

2.Will the pages be in color, or black and white?


3. Will pinups be allowed?

Yes, it will count against your page total.

4. I want to join up, what are the submission guidelines?

Okay if you are submitting please try to keep things at a somewhat professional level. We will
not accept sub par work.

5. How do I join up?

Surf over and use the sign up form.

6. I signed up now what?

After signing up you will be contacted by either Joe or Marvin. It will be then determined, if you have your own story, or would like to work on someone else's. If you have no story, we will place you with
someonewho does.

7. Okay I'm hooked, now what is this going to cost me?
Nothing except for blank Cd's and jewelcases. The plan is to setup central places, for people with burners that can make copies on demand. All you would have to do is provide them with blank cd's

Marvin Wynn (
AIM Wynn4u
ICQ 17811282

If you have a comment or question about Small Press then feel free to contact me