No Body Leaves Here Empty Handed / Mediocre Humour

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of No Body Leaves Here Empty Handed / Mediocre Humour Creator(s): Toby Trip
Publishers: Welcome Publishing [self published]
From: UK
Price: £3 / £ 4 (UK)

Toby offers more laughs in these two A5 mini's than a weeks work of TV could ever hope to grant us. At 40 & 60 pages they offer 100's of one page strips, cartoons, wordplay, puns, strangeness, sight gags and observations on the strange aspects of life.

While his style of drawing is rough and simple, it works well in getting his ideas across, and he sure has lots of them. On that made me chuckle had the dialogue "Two Chicken for one Beef" above two characters who are at the stock cube exchange.

If life is getting you down then these minis will get you back up again.

In a Word: Silly.

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