Mr And Mrs Beauvine

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Mr And Mrs Beauvine Creator(s): Lorna Miller
Publishers: Self published
From: com
Price: £2.99 (UK)

Mrs Beauvine is a cow, and she is heavily pregnant but contrary to all the medical advice she smokes like a chimney. You would think that the fact her first child is a Siamese twin push-me-pull-you creature would have taught her the error of her ways.

Lorna gives us a little lesson in veterinary obstetrics in the first of the two stories in this issue, as the birth has complications. We are warned on the cover that some scenes are nasty, and even though we are spared the full horrors of calf birth, the look on Mrs Beauvine face as her husband attempts to aid the birth will have you squirming in your chair.

Thee artwork in this little landscape A5 mini is very attractive with a very expressive cartoon style. Lorna makes use of a nice pallet of grey tones in the book, which gives the impression that the toning may have been done by computer. The cover is a bright and cheery screen (?) printed affair.

There is plenty of goofy dialogue, sibling rivalry and calfs up to no good in this cartoon sitcom, with a high laugh per page quotient, a few yuck moments and pretty pictures to keep the reader well entertained.

In a Word: Moovarlous.

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