Get Bent #7 And #8

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Get Bent #7 And #8 Creator(s): Ben T. Steckler
Publishers: Self published
From: USA
Price: $2 (US) each

In which Sid and Dex are forced to be contestants in a deadly game show hosted by the Devil and Mama gets here revenge on the Nazi Red Pumpkin for his plot to rule the world with an army of vegetables. I can't really say that I understood everything that goes on in these stories, I guess you really needed to have read all the previous issues. The plot switches between too many locations for my liking.

The artwork is groovy, especially the white on black work for when Mama has merged with the cosmos. Sid and Dex are drawn as plump Sesame Street muppet like creatures, with a successful three dimensional approach. While we are told that they are SKA musicians there isn't much evidence of that on display in these two issues.

Just when I started to think I knew what was going on Ben lays waste to my efforts with a dramatic turn of events at the end of issue 8. The back up strips are much more accessible for the new reader, with an inventive page of "Ceci N'est Pa un..." homages and a pair of interesting autobiographic pieces in #7, with Issue #8 containing a humorous strip about the strange funeral of a magician that involves lots of magic in jokes.

In a Word: Convoluted.

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