Imagineers #4

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Imagineers #4 Creator(s): Shane Chebsey
Publishers: COAF Comics
From: Kingdom
Price: £2.95 (UK)

If the Small Press area of Silver Bullet Comics isn't enough to satisfy your craving for small press information, then you should get yourself a copy of Imagineers. It's full of interviews, news and samples of small press from the United Kingdom.

In this issue there are interviews with Simon Mackie and Jay Bonney, A mass of reviews care of the TRS2 crew, previews of some upcoming projects (of which the Blade Runner work by Lee Davis and Anna Robertson caught my eye) and a few pages of classified add with writers looking for artists, artists looking for writers. There are plenty of pictures to give you an idea of what the titles discussed are like.

The layout is a mixed affair, reflecting the range of contributors, making some of the articles hard to follow. It could do with some tiding up, with a consistent font size and the banishment of articles written in UPPER CASE!!

In a Word: Informative.

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