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Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Holy moly! This year's Pittsburgh Comicon is determined to rock! Frank Miller, David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Avon Oeming, Frank Cho, The Hernandez Bros., And much more prove this! And a big portion of the altered realities crew will be on hand at two tables! We'll be there chilling, promoting, sketching, etc. So stop by and check us out! Here now is the complete list and bio's for the whole ar crew coming down!

Sal Cipriano.

The publisher, creator, writer, artist of the hit indie anthology series Altered Realities makes his second Pittsburgh Comicon appearance. This time around Sal brings along most of the AR crew to promote and preview the monster Altered Realities 2001. His comic strip Broken Donuts can be seen weekly at His upcoming projects include the comic zine Exhibit C, the Altered Realities Presents Bruisa special, stories for the Jinxworld Jam comic and the Strumhaus Creative anthology respectively, collaborations with both Marco Dileonardo and John Greiner, and of course the 2001 edition of Altered Realities, in which he wrote 6 of the 12 stories! One of those stories is about a comic book writer, something Sal knows a bit about! Sal will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables, natch!

Becky Cloonan.

Becky Cloonan likes to draw. She started at the tender young age of 16, influenced by a lot of old manga comics being imported to the US from Japan. Now at the not-quite-as-tender-but-still-as-fresh age of 20, she recently completed the art for Inversion, an 8 page short for Sal Cipriano's Altered Realities 2001. In the meantime she has been drawing away at a few personal comics, including Something Perfect'\ and the online strip Social Unrest. But wait, there's more! Apart from comic booking, Becky did storyboards and animation for the independent film Super Troopers, recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival! She also worked on the online animation Battleseed, and is currently part of Estrigious, a five girl studio in NYC. When she's not arting, Becky enjoys making strange shirts and patches, going to punk shows, finger-painting, and abstract metaphors. In high school she had a part time job at Burger King, thank you, come again. Becky will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables.

Marco Dileonardo.

The acclaimed artist of Altered Reality Comics' "Temporary Hero", "Existence X", and "Broken Donuts", all of which have appeared in the anthology series Altered Realities. For the 2001 edition of AR he's worked on a number of stories. First off as a writer of a very personal piece entitled "Inside and Under", illustrated by John Greiner. This story has actually already debuted in Get Altered, the Altered Realities 2001 ashcan, put together by Greiner. This book also features previews of some other projects Marco is working on. Also for Altered Realities 2001 he penciled "The Story that Never Ends" written by Robert Lazauskas and inked "Kate's Story". Past work includes the indie horror series "Evilution" from Violet Jessup Productions, pinup work for TLW Productions. He is also an accomplished freelance painter/illustrator. Upcoming from Dileonardo include a self published work titled "Its About Time", a collection of his paintings with text by Sal Cipriano, and various short story work. Marco will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables.

John Greiner.

Clevelander John Greiner is an acclaimed mini comic creator. His 513: a BMX bike story mini has received great reviews. It's the story of how he broke his spine and became paralyzed. Just the fact that he had the courage to tell this story is enough to make you take notice. This year he brings his unique vision and style to Altered Reality Comics' Altered Realities 2001 illustrating the very personal Inside and Under, written by Marco Dileonardo. He also put together Get Altered, the Altered Realities 2001 ashcan which debuted at the Mid-Ohio con. His past projects include Zodiak/Lautrec, Zodiak #2, Honky Tonk in Cleveland, Whatever You Do, Don't Throw This Away!!, and the acclaimed 513: a BMX bike story. Upcoming projects John has in the works include contributions to a Strumhaus Creative anthology and The Jinxworld Comic Anthology, as well as his own various minis. John will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables.

Andy MacDonald.

Andy made his debut in Altered Reality Comic's Altered Realities 2000, illustrating "Planet Hell". Also in that issue he participated in the Existence X ink jam and has his own line of t-shirts. He is currently hard at work completing a TLW Productions "Rival" one shot with writer/creator Brien Cardello. For Altered Realities 2001 he has co-plotted and is getting set to draw a futuristic war story, written by Sal Cipriano. Andy will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables.

Joe Milazzo.

He's a graphic designer, an illustrator, musician, poet, photographer and now he adds comic book artist to the list, although he's already helped out on the first two Altered Realities books. For Altered Realities 2001 Joe is doing tons of work. He's co-written a story with Sal Cipriano, titled "The Void", in which he also illustrates. In edition to that he's illustrating, painting, designing the cover! Joe is also beginning work on the Altered Reality Comics web site. Check out his web site for all his talents. Joe will be appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables.

Mike Mongello.

Mike made his debut in Altered Realities 2000 inking a page of Existence X. Recently he's completed the artwork for "American Hero", a the backup story that is a part of "Altered Realities Presents Bruisa". Mike is currently working on a western story for a comic being put together for the Adelphi Anthology Comic. For Altered Realities 2001 he will be penciling an emotional Faerie story called "Reclaiming Soul", written by Sal Cipriano. He is also sometime seen trying to help strapping young bucks as Captain Erectigon! Appearing at the Altered Reality Comics tables, this is Mike's second Pittsburgh Comicon.

Corey Zayatz

Hailing from Buffalo, NY Corey did some work for Brainstorm Comics including 4 short stories, 2 pin-ups and 1 feature length book entitled Manslaughter. Currently penciling Kate's Story for Altered Reality Comics Altered Realities 2001 and will be illustrating a short story entitled "Catwalk" in a book for charity in association with Peregrine Press. I have recently hooked up with a writer and we are working on creating our own title. This venture is still in the early stages of development.

Many new books will be available at the con from Altered Reality Comics, John G Inc, Tlw Comics, and more, all at the Altered Reality Comics tables, booth S030! Come on down and enjoy!

This has been a Altered Reality Comics Production, any hype has been there's and SBC can only assume they know what they are talking about.

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