Captain Canuck Reborn #0

Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Captain Canuck Reborn #0 Writer(s): Richard Comely (Story, Art, Letters)
Artist(s): Corey Comely (Colors)
Publishers: Semple Comics
From: 1B2
Price: .95 (US)

It's hard for me not to like a comic from Canada in which the main hero is called Darren. He is head of a newly established commune which requires more funds to continue its development. When he goes to visit the foundation that administers their funds he finds that they are reneging on earlier promises and want him to retrench. In an attempt to find out why these changes are occurring he does some covert investigating and discovers that the foundation, run by his brother, has plans that demand that he take action against them.

Richard relies on a fair bit of exposition to get the plot details across in this book, which only serves to make the comic appear very stilled. Earlier scenes at the commune give no indication of its size, so when we hear how many people are members it seems to work against what we have already seen. He would have been better to spent more time showing us the commune in detail at the start.

The artwork is very ordinary, not actually bad but with no real flair. We just get to see lots of panels full of men in suits talking to each other, and when Darren decides to become Captain Canuck we are left wondering why on earth he needed the costume. There are lots of ways to stay anonymous that don't involve skin tight Lycra.

In a Word: Unconvincing.

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