Old Farts Wanted!

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Ben T. Steckler is calling all Artists, requesting your submissions for an anthology edition of his new zine, f-ARTjoke.

He describes the project like this:

"In this title, famous paintings, or the styles of famous painters and cartoonists are parodied using the theme of FLATULENCE. If you'd like to see what I mean, e-mail your snail mail address, and I'll send out a copy of the zero-issue mini I've done."

If you have any ideas to do with such a f-ARTjoke parody send them his way 'cause he wants to see them, and maybe include them in an All-Star edition.

Artwork Specs: 7" by 7", B&W line drawings. (If you use shading, make sure your tones are screened and camera-ready.) Send clean photocopies, not originals, and PLEASE mail them FLAT. He would also ask that you include a 75-word or less bio, and a suggested title for your piece. (Also, include the name of the artist and/or artwork being parodied, in case it isn't obvious to reader.) Any piece of visual art is fair game for parody, but please no pornographic images. Ben adds..."It's okay to show butts, I guess....i.e. tasteful nudity."

His deadline for submissions is 30 June, 2001, as he intends to have the book ready for SPX in September. All accepted contributors will be compensated with two copies, and may purchase additional copies at cost, (given that the final book is saleable, that is, but that's up to all of us together, right?)

Send submissions to:
-- Ben T. Steckler,
-- POB 7273,
-- York,
-- PA 17404
-- USA

His e-mail is bstecklerSTOP-@-SPAMnetrax.net

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