Colossal Error

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Colossal Error Writer(s): David Hedgecock
Artist(s): Joe Gravel (Inks), Jeremy Johnson (Layout)
Publishers: Rooster Press (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $1.50 postage paid. (US)

When we join the heros of this A5 B/W comic they have been placed on suspension for some heroics that saved the world, but which they didn't get permission for from their boss, Dr Bones. With a month off they decide to visit a friend in the Australian outback. When they get their, they find a deserted town in a state of disarray.

While the 3rd law of reviewing prevents me from divulging any more of the plot, I am authorized to tell you that it involves spaceships, opals and robots. I can also say that it is a flawless piece of superhero daring do. The dialogue is witty without overdoing it, flowing well with the turn of events. I was especially amused by the alliteration that flows from the lips of one of the bad guys.

In the art stakes this is top notch work. Joe and Jeremy produce a visually interesting work that is easy to follow and plays off the humor of the dialogue and also creates its own. A varied range of species and body types are shown thus avoiding a stock look, except for the robot, and they are supposed to look like each other, modular design being cost effective.

A running joke throughout this book is reference to a convoluted continuity involving long running superhero titles. While this adds a nice feel of consistency to the book I found its overuse vaguely annoying as I assume that there haven't really been 158 issues of Dr Bones. This said, it is a small fault which in no way detracts from the high entertainment level to be found in this book.

In a Word: Superb.

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